Naptown Village — The Untold Story

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is an independently owned and operated company and we are dedicated to not only entertaining you with our books, but educating you through them as well. We are a company that is dedicated to growth; our own as well as any and everyone who reads any material that we may put forth. We value our reputation and therefore anything that we put forth to the public will be worth the read and we can guarantee you that.

At Hard Part Publishing, we are not limited to one specific genre of literature but offer a wide variety of reading material, both fiction as well as non. We have a well laid plan to grow our audience with us and as our line of books evolve to higher and higher levels of understanding, so will you.



Our Thoughts…


HARD Part Publishing

Monisha Davis

This book was intense and had a good story line! The ending left you on your edge of your seat to see how it will continue to play out. It displayed karma at its best!! A must read

HARD Part Publishing

Sharon Adams

I completed my book in 24 hours, can’t really say what I want to say about the book other than WOW!!! I can’t wait for part 2. Don’t sleep on this Author or this book, it will keep you intrigued! I will say this…I guarantee once you start reading it…you won’t want to put it down!

HARD Part Publishing


One of the realest books I have ever read it kept my attention the entire time of reading couldn’t put the book down till i was done much love shock -g this book here put a lot of thoughts in my head should do a movie on it


HARD Part Publishing

Ma’Desa Kinchlow

Respect Revenge Pt.1 keep me on tip toe anticipation page by page! I consider this one of the realest…grittiest reads that I’ve read in a long time! BRAVO….BRAVO SHOCK-G! WELL DONE my fellow author! You are a force in the literary world! I’m looking forward to the rest! Watch out world! HARD PART IS HERE!