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Respect Revenge Pt. 2Respect Revenge Pt. 2

Respect Revenge Pt. 2


The streets or the “game” as we call it; has always been a male dominated field and rightly so because the streets are no place for a lady. However, females are often overlooked for all the wrong reasons and that underestimation has been the downfall of some of the most powerful men to ever walk the face of the Earth. Women are smart, crafty and use mental coercion as opposed to physical dominance, as a means to impose their wills.

Meet Tyesha, the First lady of the Hard Part and one who was groomed personally by her Man, Mentor and lover Big E.  As she attempts to pick up the pieces of her life after his untimely demise, something or someone keeps tugging at her spirit that will not allow her to move on. Is it him? Or her loyalty to him that is the root of her unease? It’s like Eric is present in her heart, telling his former star player, that it’s time for her to take over and become the coach of the team. But can she handle it? Is Sheen (Eric’s baby momma and her new-found friend) going to assist her? Can she trust her? Maybe she won’t need to; because after all, a woman is a direct reflection of whatever man she has allowed to groom her and she was groomed by the best. But so was Sheen…

Welcome back to the Hard Part, where Respecting Revenge is Law. Walk with “Ty”, “Sheen” and the team as they attempt to separate truth from falsehood in an attempt at righting a perceived wrong. In the end, there is only one truth, it just depends on who you hear tell it…