Respect Revenge Pt. 1


Respect Revenge is not your average, everyday novel. It’s more akin to reality than fiction and if you don’t believe me, just ask around…

Follow the life and saga of “Big E” as he climbs from the gutters of poverty and despair to having money and respect on the mean streets of “NapTown” only to come to the abrupt realization that power in the streets is an illusion. They say that power is more intoxicating than the strongest alcohol, and when one is under the influence of it, he tends to lose touch with reality; often times until it’s too late. There are no rules in the game anymore and everyone knows that, but in the streets and everywhere else, you get what you give and that’s law! If you never respect nothing else, you had better Respect Revenge or pay a price you may not be able to afford…



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